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The Aquarius Institute’s Ultrasound/Sonography Technician training program is an 18 month training program that trains students to become certified Ultrasound technicians. This program is specially developed to prepare students for the industry to work as technicians for hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. Students will have the skills to conduct Echocardiography and Abdominal Ultrasound procedures, which are integral applications of this technology. The program includes lectures, practical labs, and clinical training in order to meet the necessary educational requirements to sit for the registry exams.

Certifications and Licensure

Completing our program gives our students the ability to sit for nationally recognized board exams. The Aquarius Institute allows students to challenge CCI and ADRMS registry exams and progress through their wide range of industry licensure. 


About CCI and ARDMS

Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) and American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ADRMS) are the two primary bodies responsible for certifying technicians in the field of Ultrasound Sonography. CCI is a credentialing institution that provides certification for multiple cardiovascular applications and modalities. ARDMS is a registry body that certifies in a wide variety of modalities and applications outside of the cardiovascular application. 


CCI Approved Program

The Aquarius Institute is a Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) approved school. Students who have completed our Ultrasound Sonography program are able to take the Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS) examination.  After being certified, students are now able to work as cardiac sonographers in a variety of settings, as a CCI certification covers a vast amount of clinical skills that are frequently needed in the industry.

ARDMS Pathway

After passing the CCI Registered Cardiac Sonographer and receiving the RCS certification, our students are allowed to take the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) examinations. Students are specifically trained in accordance with the RDMS and RDCS specialty exams (AB, AE).  With this registry, students can be certified to practice a wide range of ultrasound disciplines, making them even more competitive candidates in the current job market.

Program Overview

After enrolling into Aquarius Institute’s Ultrasound Sonography program, students need to complete the lecture portion of this program to advance onto the clinical portion. The lecture portion includes the fundamental concepts needed to understand medical theory and scanning conduct behind day to day cases that technicians will deal with in their practice. The lecture portion of this program is 300 hours in length and is divided into 6 separate courses:

Course I: Anatomy and Physiology  85 Lecture hours

Course II: Medical Terminology 40 Lecture hours

Course III: Patient Management  10 Lecture hours

Course IV: Ultrasound Physics  35 Lecture hours

Course V: Ultrasound Scanning 60 Lecture hours

Course VI: Echocardiography 70 Lecture hours

Internship: Ultrasound Clinical Internship 800 hours

In the last two courses (Ultrasound Scanning, and Echocardiography) require students to attend lab practicals scheduled in the given syllabus. These lab practicals teach students how to operate Ultrasound systems safely and effectively for high quality and proper imaging. Lab practicals are designed to help students understand practical application of the content they have in the weeks prior. Students will practice ultrasound testing on their peers and will receive feedback from the instructor to improve skill and understanding.

Once these courses have been completed, students are allowed to start working on completing 800 hours of clinical internship training. Students will be placed by the Aquarius Institute at a designated clinical internship site, but they are also allowed to arrange their own clinical experience at a site of their choice at the approval of The Aquarius Institute. Visit our clinical policy page by clicking here.

After completing both the lecture and clinical portions of the training program, Aquarius Institute awards a certificate of completion for the Ultrasound Sonography training program. Students who have been awarded this certificate of completion, are now allowed to sit for CCI’s RCS board exam. Upon passing the RCS examination, students have the ability to either work as a registered cardiac sonographer in a variety of settings or take on the specialty examinations that ARDMS offers. During this journey of becoming certified, the Aquarius Institute is here for you in providing the proper resources to help you succeed in passing your board examinations. 

Once students have become board certified technicians they are now eligible to seek careers in their respected field. If needed, the Aquarius Institute offers help in job search, as our large network of employers in the medical field need positions filled in the growing industry.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Aquarius Institute prides itself in taking an industry preparatory approach for its programs. In order to prepare our students, we have outlined learning outcomes that an Ultrasound Sonography student must master in keeping with the program's mission and goals. These outcomes serve to guide the student toward fulfilling the program and succeeding in industry. They form the basis for measuring what the student has accomplished upon completion of the program. Upon completion of this program, the graduate should be able to:

  • To provide compassionate and responsible patient care during diagnostic procedures
  • Use oral and written communication with patients, peers, and medical staff
  • Produce diagnostic ultrasound tests safely and competently in the context of all Ultrasound procedures
  • Utilize critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills in performing medical imaging procedures
  • Successfully pass Aquarius Institute’s Ultrasound program and the certification examinations given by the respected certifying institutions
  • Possess the clinical skills necessary for professional practice as an entry-level Ultrasound Technician

Admission Requirements

General Requirements:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Proof of graduation from a U.S. accredited High School or equivalent as determined by appropriate accrediting agencies. Graduates from foreign schools require local evaluation
  • Official High School Transcript and have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or above
  • Provide a current resume if applicable

Health Requirements

  • Students must submit, obtain or have proof of a Hepatitis B vaccination, at the student's expense, 30 days prior to starting clinical internship
    • Must submit a doctor's note or titer result as proof or card for having Hepatitis B immunization.
    • Or have a signed refusal form in student's record
  • Students must obtain malpractice insurance at the student's expense (prior to starting clinical internship training)
  • Students must have visual acuity, hearing acuity, speaking ability, digital dexterity and physical ability to perform the required assessment, procedures and related preparation and testing issues
  • Students must possess a valid CPR card prior to starting clinical internship
  • If the potential student does not have a Tuberculosis (PPD) test then the student must obtain a 2 step Tuberculosis test (PPD), at the student's expense, before the start of the clinical internship. Students must submit a PPD result or if the previous PPD was positive the student must submit a chest x-ray as proof that student is clear from TB disease

Tuition and Fees


Registration Fee$150
Text Books$500
Tuition Cost$13,850.00
Total Program Cost$14,500.00
Down Payment$3,500.00


Medical Apparel (Scrubs, etc.)$50.00
Hepatitis Vaccine$100.00
Tuberculosis Test OR Chest X-ray$150.00
CPR Healthcare Provider Certification$75.00
Liability Insurance$42.00
Total Other Estimated Costs$417

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